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Stacy Wright recommends Satya Yoga Studio
I started coming to Satya yoga studio in September 2012 on the advice of my massage therapist. I’d had major surgery in the spring and was struggling with complications with the incision and with a damaged lymphatic system. I started coming 3 times a week and have increased it to 5. My symptoms improved gradually and I’m now feeling great!! I’ll be turning 65 this fall and I’ve never been so flexible or felt so strong. I love this studio. Tricia and Angie are awesome and have hired a team of fabulous instructors. Going to yoga is the highlight of my day and many of my closest friends have joined me in this wonderful journey.
Gina Graham loves Satya Yoga Studio
I am a "senior" and 10 years ago I had a small stroke. I have a heart condition and a few other health issues. Every 3 months I was having to go to the hospital and have a procedure done on my heart. I was nudged by a friend to try yoga, which I did at a facility in town. I enjoyed the classes but not the place, so never went back. I later heard about a class at Satya and from the time I walked into the studio I felt so welcome and completely at home. Tricia and Angie and all the instructors are the most beautiful, caring, knowledgable ladies. They are passionate and sincere which adds to the peaceful ambiance of the room. I have been attending Satya now for almost 8 years and I am addicted! Not only do I have a clean, peaceful place of bliss to escape to, my heart episodes have decreased dramatically!! I just went 2 years without a hospital visit! I recommend Satya to everyone I know because I so deeply want other people to feel the life changing benefits , both mentally and physically that I have experienced. Satya studio is a place you will feel so safe and comfortable in ,and the ladies of Satya ROCK and they can sincerely change your life! We are so blessed to have such an incredible facility in our little town, with such a variety of class styles for every age and ability.
Bernd Eisele looks forward to Satya Yoga Studio
In my late 50’s I decided to give Yoga a try. I was apprehensive, as I had this misconception of being in a room full of female 20-somethings in ritzy yoga wear; that could bend their bodies into pretzels, and that I would simply not be able to keep up with class. I was trying to find excuses not to attend. Then the big day came and, at first, it was intimidating; not knowing the vocabulary and much less the positions but, as class progressed, I began to enjoy it. People of all ages were in attendance and my teacher was quite empathetic to my discomfort, as well as me being a “newbie” and thus, she gently and patiently supported my endeavours. She empathized that my session was about “me”; to do poses as they felt right to me and that this was not a competition. 
My pledge was to attend class once a week for three months before deciding whether this was for me or not. Well, it’s been four years now and I attend classes twice-weekly; even having acquired my own mat, which Satya graciously lets me store on premise between classes. Yoga has made a very positive change to my body as well as mind and I look forward to continued classes with Satya. Their professionalism, dedication to cleanliness and choice of superb teachers makes going to class something I truly look forward to, every time.

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